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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Week 3

Hey Mom and Dad! 

Well i hope everything is going well for you and i pray for you all everyday multiple times a day. I never realized how much i would pray. I really like what dad said about praying like it is up to the lord and working like it is up to you. I write these inspiring quotes on my notebooks. Well did you get my last email??? the big long one? with the pics? i hope so. I did get those muffins from Joan, that was nice of her, im getting a lot of packages from friends and letters its great. I love getting letters from you and dad and the family. Dear elder is cool because while we are in the mtc it gets here the same day. 

Well this week has been a hard one. Last night i got a beat down by the language and kicked as i tried to get up. Have you ever been so confused you don't even know what question to ask? haha yeah that was the case here. But my teacher sister Crawford is so cool and very patient and makes sure i get it somewhat before moving on. We speak Armenian so much it just hurts your brain. We have given so many lessons in Armenian without notes. we just memorize words and phrases and do our best with Armenian investigators (usually Armenian RM's) Its tough at times not being able to communicate but its interesting how when you can only say so much you pick your words and phrases carefully. Simplicity is amazing how it can speak just as easily sometimes easier to someone. Like i said it can be tough at times but its not until i bare my testimony as best as i can that the spirit comes in to the room and touches their hearts and i can feel it! There is power in testimony and prayer as i have found out.

 I got to host 3 new missionaries for their first day yesterday it was cool to see them and their families and remember those same feelings and emotions i went through 3 weeks and 1 day ago. Like I said last week i feel i am changing so much and for the better each day. I am learning so much about myself and how to get along with people and look for the good in others. Also i am still trying to learn what it really means to lose yourself and be a true servant of Christ. Like i have said i may not be the smartest but i am always the hardest working. I think everyone one in my class has taken a few naps now its kinda frustrating but i try not to say anything. I never miss an opportunity to better myself to eventually better the people of Armenia. I always carry flash cards with me and i am learning a lot. This language is so freakin weird, the sentence structure makes no sense its like saying...never mind i don't want to even try to explain the madness haha. 

I am still running about 20+ miles a week. I have had to cut back a little bit from ever day because of shin splints. I run with an elder named Elder Obiama he is 23 and such a stud. He has a maturity and calmness about him that us younger ones don't have. We have gotten really close this last week and he is going to Madagascar on the 7 of July. He is the black one in the picture and he is from Arizona. We are keeping in touch for sure. The temple this morning was great i did initiatory work and then went to the celestial room always a great re charge. Well i always feel like i have so much to tell you until i start emailing then i forget it haha. I hope all is well and i love you all so much. please keep the letters coming. I love all so much and miss you. 

 Well know that i am so grateful to be out here and i cant believe how much my testimony has grown this past 3 weeks. its more growth than i have seen in my whole life here spiritually, mentally, and even physically...well maybe a tie with physically when i was in Basic. i wish i could share these experiences with you i love this gospel so much and realize how much i have taken it for granted. I know that God and Jesus Christ live and they love us so much and listen to us and are always there to help us. Thank you so much for the packages and how fast you sent them. The water-bottle is awesome as well thank you i will use it for sure. My comp saw all my stuff with bug spray and coleman hand sanitizer and a water filter and was like you going camping? haha hes a funny guy and we get a long really well most all of the time. I love you all and want to hear about whats going on out there? I hope the heat lose..and i am sad that OKC got beat. Also the blog is so cool. thanks so much to heather and jake for that. tell carson thanks for the letters they are hanging up in my desk. Love you all.

 Լովէ էլդէր լընտ (love elder lunt)

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