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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Week 1

Hey mom and dad and whoever else is reading.. i only have 60 min so i will do the best with the time i have please excuse spelling and grammar due to time. I want to tell both of you personally mom and dad, how much i love you and what great people and examples you have been to me my whole life.  I cant express the love i have for you two and wish i could have had this insight earlier in my life. I have so much respect for both of you and i miss you both greatly and the luxuries of home and soon the luxuries of the united states. Thank you for such an uplifting and motivational comments about my picture. Yes my companion is good. we get a long well and he is from Everett, Washington state. We are already teaching Zohrab the Armenian investigator who is married to Steffany, he commented on that by the way. We have taught him 4 x and my companion and i are doing the best we can with the words we know. We are a good teaching team and are a lot a like. we are both very organized and have same views on things and i try to be the best example i can to him. NEVER doing anything I am not suppose to no matter how small. Even down to small things that you wouldn't think would matter. He sleeps in class some days when the teacher leaves but i dont say anything i just try to be an example. 

However on a more personal note I just wanted to let you all know i am doing great and will be fine here. I also wanted to be honest and say that the laguange is kicking my butt and I feel i am falling behind the others 7 in the class  (3 sisters and 4 elders including me). There are 39 letters and as you have seen its a whole different alphabet and they have a written version and a typed version and they both look so different and they all makes similar sounds such as K and CK and KK and shh and ch and chhhh. I want to be positive but i must also be honest with you and myself, I do not like the language and i see why our group is here for the longest  (9 weeks) with the Finish elders and sisters and Latvians. It is so discouraging and hard so many things change depending on the post prepositions and pre prepositions which i didn't even know those English words til i had to ask what they were. I run about 5 miles everyday during work out time to get out all the stress and discouragement. I run on the field where i was dropped off and most of the time my comp watches or plays soccer. It feels good to run it all out. After my work outs sometimes i just sit there and look at the provo mountains and wonder why i am really out here and not up there doing stuff i like to do. And i reminisce in all the good times i had in those rockies growing up. I am praying for the desires of my heart to change. I will always be honest, i do not enjoy class for well pretty much ALL DAY then the break is a devotional? ha its crazy. But i hope that over time i will want to want to go to class and learn.(my P days are thursdays in the mTC by the way). I saw a friend yesterday in the cafeteria from high school, like me he had a past but is a good guy,his name is john and he had just arrived at mtc and is going madrain speaking (weeks in mtc)  and had been here for 5 hours and he said "Brian i am not going to make it here" I trieed to tell him other wise and comfort him but you cant invite someone where you are not yourself. So i hope to see him at lunch today and hope he is still here. I know this is where i am suppose to be and know this is right. I know I need a change of desires to want to be in class and help with this language, so please pray for me. Until then i will keep on with faith and obedience and trying to get this language. I do know this is where i am suppose to be and i had the great experience of sitting two rows away from the speaker stand as Elder Russel M Nelson and his wife spoke to us. It was a crazy story of how my comp and i got such good seats and was defintly a tender mercy. As Elder nelson walked in you could feel the spirit radiating off of him. His talk was good but nothing I havent heard before in preach my gospel. It was the closing song Abide with me tis even tide that I felt the spirit so stongly and knew this is where i was suppose to be. I appreciate you heather making that blog and for everyone's sacrifices and services.I thank you for all the letters and goodies. Well i love to hear from you all and i have meet so many people i know here or people that know people i know. I get along with everyone pretty good and try to reach out to everyone. Everyone calls me Captain America. They say I look like him (Chris Evans) i guess.. and im in the army so it fits i guess haha. Like i said i run 5 miles a day and do 70 push ups/ max out every night its my outlet for sure.. That and staring at the mountains is definitely my safe haven i never get sick of them and they feel so spiritual sitting right behind the temple, i am falling in love with that soccer field/ my running field fast, its the same one we took pics at before I left. Love you all.

Elder Brian Lunt

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