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Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 55

Dear family and friends,
Another great week here in Yerevan, Armenia. Every day when I get out of bed, I feel the motivation and real happiness that only comes from serving others and teaching this perfect message daily. I love the Lord and I love his work, I have never been happier than on my mission! The miracles are showing themselves everyday and now the baptisms are coming and will continue to come. The things we have learned this transfer have changed my life. There is no greater work or happiness than this!

During this past week, a lot of our investigators were not able to meet. We were getting concerned for them and wondering what we needed to do. We continued in trying to do all we could do and relying on the Lord. We were blessed to find investigators and have great spirit filled meetings. As Elder Cornett and I reviewed this last week together we realized how blessed we were. We reestablished that one of the biggest factors that plays a role in a missionaries' success is the patience to endure through hard times and to continue to rely on the Lord and do all you can. It is about doing the right things for long enough out of a desire and love for the Lord. 

One day this past week, when a lot of our plans had fallen through, we went to the apartment and had dinner. While we were eating we called a contact in the area book that had been contacted on the street years earlier. I asked for a man named Honvaness which was written on the list and a women answered. I asked if I could talk to her husband and she asked why? I did some explaining as to what we do and why we are here and that her husband had probably talked to the missionaries years previous. 

Suddenly the lady said "LUNT"? I replied yes! She said "this is Susan from Alaverdi" (my first convert in my first area). I was amazed she recognized my voice and ever more by what she said next." Hovaness is my brother and I have told him all about our church for a long time now". She had happened to be at her brother's house all the way from Alaverdi for the weekend and happen to pick up the phone when I called. We meet with them that night and picked up Hovaness and his wife with Susan's help. This is the Lord's work!

Everything is great! Elder Cornett and I continue to learn so much from one another I will miss him greatly, he is a great missionary and a great man. He has taught me so much and we have a great time together as we work hard. The area is doing great there are many baptisms coming soon. I love these people and I love this work. I wish I had time to write the many life changing principles and doctrines that are learned everyday. I have come to know my Savior and Heavenly Father personally and their love for me.  I love serving the missionaries and learning from them. I testify to that verse that says " there never was a more happier time among the..."  (missionaries of Armenia) is true! I love you guys and I know that this Church is Jesus Christ's church and that he lives and he is the way to happiness, peace, comfort and every other attribute of life! I love you all and hope and pray for you that we remember the Lord daily and apply the things we hear so often. Love you! 

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