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Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 54

My Dear family and friends, there is so much that has happened since the last time we talked. I wish I could share it all with you. But know that I am happy and I have never been so blessed. I wonder why I am highly favored of the Lord, and then I reflect my pat blessing and the specific gifts and promises it contains. I realize that I have been chosen to be a leader to help and uplift others in this life. Things are so busy right now with the end of transfers being july 24th and making decisions for the Lord's mission. This is such an incredible experience. And I have and am learning so much.
 Love you all!

Dear President Carlson,
We are blessed and I have noticed the many blessings this transfer and throughout my mission. Elder Cornett and I as you know have been out of the area lately more than usual. It is a testimony builder to me that as we do our best to fulfill the responsibility we have and focus on both the missionaries and the area, the Lord always makes up for what we cant do. 

It has been awesome learning from other missionaries and being able to help them, ministering in this way is my favorite part about leadership. Its amazing to see how the Lord takes care of the area and hastens the work for his children as we do so. We have seen so many miracles lately and we should have some baptisms coming up soon. 

It was great to go to my home town of Alaverdi this past week. Although I keep in contact with the members and some investigators there, I forgot how much I love those people, from the members to investigators, taxi drivers, and neighbors. I was ecstatic to see the change in so many of the people.

Elder Cornett and I are doing great. He is a happy, fun to be around guy. I have realized so many reasons for why we have been together this transfer. He has taught me so much about the atonement and understanding people, really understanding the scriptures and likening them, as well as tuning into the spirit and teaching like the savior, and much more. He is amazing and I will always be grateful for the time I have had with him.

I already expressed a lot of my thoughts in the mission letter this week. I realize the Lord has blessed me with so much I try to do everything I can to help others and spread the blessings I have received. However I have a concern that I don't know how to fully express. So many missionaries think I am perfect. I know I have so much to improve on and I am nowhere close to perfection. I always try to set a good example but I highly dislike being put on a pedestal. I know from my personal experience that I admire a leader much more who is humble and knows his weaknesses and isn't afraid to share them when the occasion calls for it. I know the answer will come from the Lord as I pray and humble myself, so I can find out what kind of a leader the Lord wants me to be.

Thank you for all you and Sister Carlson do, we really do love you two so much and appreciate all that you do for us. I have learned so much from you and Sister Carlson. Things that will use the rest of my life. Thank you

Love Elder Lunt

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