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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Week 9

Dear Mom and Dad and anyone else who is reading this. I am doing great and I have arrived here safely in the mission home. The Mission President and his wife seem very cool and so down to earth. I really like them and have been impressed this far. I also meet the Assistant to the president's as well as the sister training leaders. The AP's are very cool and so down to earth and loving, you can tell they really care and would give you the shirt off their back. We will be at the mission home til tomorrow morning around 1100 we then will go with our trainers and depart to our new assigned areas. We meet with the President and his wife for today and tomorrow and they pray about what trainer they should put us with as well as what area we should be in. I pray that I will get a good trainer, I am looking forward to this. Its cool that I am here and the mission has officially started if you know what I mean. Yesterday in Paris INT. shortly after I got off the telephone with you I was standing in line to get checked onto the plane. And I see this Armenian man mid 20's handsome guy, and he waves his hand at me and so I walked up to him and said "whats up man" I realized that he only spoke Armenian and so I did my best to communicate with him. He put his arm around me like I was his brother and I shook his hand with a firm grip,he was  my first impression of a native Armenian besides Zohrab and I hope all of them are like him. His name is Vahe and was he asking me all sorts of questions I told him I was from america and that I was from a place called utah. I asked him about his family and what he does for work. He told me just in the 15 min we spent talking quite a bit, and I kept the questions coming and wanted to know all about him. He had a light in his eyes and a warm smile  that is hard to describe unless you see it. He had a great spirit about him. I felt love for him and was very bold and gave him a picture/pass along card of Jesus Christ and I asked "you know who this is" he said with a big smile "of course that is Jesus Christ" I said "do you believe in him" he said ayo ayo which means yes yes. I said very good. Again I was very bold and said in Armenian ofcourse "can I have your phone number and email address so we can meet and talk"? He didn't even think or hesitate he said YES YES. I was thrilled haha my first referal! He told me what town he was from, its 30 min from Yerevan, called agemeatseen (I think thats how they would write it in english). It was a great experience. We got to the mission home late last night. We saw the strip/ Las Vegas of Yerevan, dang it was big and spacious. There were thousands and I mean thousands of people out at public square. That part of Yerevean, like vegas comes alive at night. Well I have my interview with the president in a few mins. I love you all and will write later. 

Love Elder Lunt

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