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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Week 6

Hello everyone! I am doing well. Its crazy how fast time is going. I leave to Armenia in 2 weeks from Tuesday (the 8th). Sometimes the days go by slow but it seems the weeks fly by. I got to skype a 20 year old man in Armenia yesterday it was a neat experience and he was tired of me and my companion not understanding him so he started speaking English it was so nice haha. I wish I had time to talk about all the experiences I am having but just know I am doing well. Mom and Dad I wrote you some letters yesterday and due to my health I apologize if this email isn't the longest. 
They finally found out whats going on with my health. I have had Mono for the last 2 weeks and it is very up and down. Its tough but I will be good. I hope you are all doing well. I love you so much. I have everything I need and just appreciate your letters. It's crazy how much I pray here. I am getting calluses on my knees from praying so much haha. 
Dad I do have a question for you from 2 weeks ago. How did you learn to recognize how the spirit speaks to you personally?
My friend Obioma leaves on the 7th of July, I will miss him and his friendship, but he will do great things in Madagascar. I am growing and learning so much despite my health. Like I said in the letter I wrote you that will be coming soon, some days I feel like I mature in such a short amount of time. It was a neat experience, the other day my teacher, brother Wahl asked me and my companion for a priesthood blessing of healing for his stomach pains. We did so and it was cool to see how our teacher was humble enough to ask 2 of his students for a blessing of healing. The next day he came to class and was feeling better and thanked us.
On a less spiritual note, the other day I saw this girl from junior high, (back then...she slapped David for something, from what I remember) she was shocked to see me. haha if looks could kill I would be dead. Her face said it all..what are you doing here haha. Then I started talking to her. And she started telling my whole district that in junior high I sprayed her hair green. She spoke of it like it happened yesterday. I honestly said I don't remember, but that doesn't mean I didn't do it, and apologized. She was just another one of the many casualties of my immaturity and rowdiness. Ha I thought it was kinda funny, funny enough to share with everyone. Well I really don't know what to say other than I love you and appreciate you all so much. I can feel the prayers of everyone and your love and support throughout the day and as I give my lessons. Love you all and miss you. Love Elder Lunt

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