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Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 82 "Change in the air"

Dear family and friends,

I am doing great! I was just transfered from Yerevan to Artashat on Friday with Elder Porcelli as my new companion. From what I hear it sounds like you know more about the area and transfers than I do...Ha I appreciate others keeping you all updated. Elder Porcelli is great! I love him and I am impressed with him in every way. He just got off a unique transfer, in his words "it is hard making a 180 degree change", he says he feels like I do everything at the highest level and he expressed that he feels behind after last transfer. However I reminded him its not me but "us" doing missionary work at the level we need to be. He is doing great and he embraces the change, we will work miracles together, and I am excited to learn from him and grow together in every aspect.

President had a good talk with me and paid me some complementary remarks and thanked me for all that I did as an Assistant, I learned so much in these last 9 months, life long lessons and things that changed my life in every way. When I came into the mission office on Friday for transfers, all the missionaries welcomed me in and said thankyou. They all came up to me and shook my hand or gave hugs. I love all these missionaries so much and I did my best as a leader, the Lord changed so much through me as an instrument in his hands. 

I feel all of the missionaries love and respect they have twoards me and I do my best to exude that same love and respect back. Often times I feel like I get put on a pedestal for consistently following basic principles of the gospel and progression. I was asked what I would do different as a leader, initiating the prinicple of accountability,I thought for a minute then I responded, "there are things I could have done better, however that is life and the reason for the Atonement, but I would not do anything different... I gave it my all". In whatever accquisition in life I will repeat that sentence throughout until one day I can say it to our Heavenly Father, with Jesus Christ mediating at my side.

There is a lot to change in Artashat, the ward doesn't trust the missionaries, the appartment was disgusting (6 hours cleaning it, welcome to your new area!). I was not to happy about that, but atleast it is clean and up to par with inviting the spirit. No prior serious investigators. I got in, sat down and talked about goals with Elder Porcelli and all that we were going to accomplish this transfer. We have some high goals and then we talked about the "how" of accomplishing all that we are setting out to do. 

We are focusing on faith in Jesus Christ in all that we do, obedience in every way and we are working hard and smart. No growth in a comfort zone, No comfort in a growth zone. We are helping each other improve in every single way and we have the same vision, goals and mindset to do so. We are going to win the trust of the members by showing them we are here to work. The people here are so nice and warm, I would say 7 out of 10 people will talk to us on the street and accept our message. The potential here is limitless. 

There is greatness in every single one of us. I change so much daily and I am greatful for all that the Lord has given me. My companion asked how i consistently do all that you we are expected and more? You have to start where you are at and simplify your approach to discipleship as mentioned in general conf, rely on the Lord then get up and go to work. The question of doing it or not fades completely as you focus on becoming and turn outward, doing what we are suppose to do and progressing daily becomes a habbit rather than a task. I am so grateful for my mission, the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the love of God and Christ and their perfect understanding.

Love, Elder Lunt

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