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Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 73 "1 Thessalonians 2: 17 & 19-20"

Dear family and friends,
Conference was inspiring and left me with a hunkering impulse to improve. To be in better standing to effectively help others do the same. I enjoyed the many talks about progression and charity and the spirit that accompanied their words. 

Simplifying your path to discipleship by Pres. Utchdorf, and "ponderizing" by Elder Lawrence were some of my favorites. I love the simplicity of this gospel, and the eternal truths that shepard our lives; faith is dependent upon what we do know rather than what we do not. Simple testimony with sincerity and conviction is essential for obtaining spiritual power to teach, learn, understand or whatever task it is we undertake in doing. I loved the profound words "what lack I yet" and just as important what have I? I have received many spiritual promptings as to what I have and what is yet needed.

Elder Jowers is my brother, brother in Christ. We have many things we are working on together to better prepare us for marriage and life. We continue to work together more efficiently by the day and learn much from one another. I love him, and I value this time we have together, this will be a time worth remembering.

We were blessed with many baptisms this last week and the relationships I have developed with so many are eternal. I love the people of Armenia and ****. As I went on an exchange this past week to my past area (now 7 months ago, Hrazdan) I was brought to tears with how much I love those people I served with and how much they love, listen and respect me. 

 While I was there with a dear friend (Elder Potter) on an exchange, Hayk (my recent con.), Armen (the mini missionary that served with us in Hraz),  and I piled into a taxi and we went to the mountains of Tsakadzor to teach a lesson to Hovik (my recent convert). As we were driving up the hill, laughing, catching up and enjoying each others company, the atmosphere settled and we neared our destination. I heard a voice saying "Brian, this is what it's all about" I was overcome with peace and joy to the overpowering of my emotions. I love those people of Hrazdan and I feel that there is some more work to done there in the future for me. I felt similar to the sons of Mosiah as they were reunited with Ammon, my brothers in Christ.

As I was studying the chapters of Mosiah 14 I felt the power of the Atonement in a very personal way. I have been able to better understand the enabling power and the redeeming power lately and the differences. I also recognize that in every disadvantage exists an advantage. I know that every person in order to become converted must have personal experiences with the Atonement by praying, studying and being attentive to the spirit.

 I pray everyday to take advantage of every opportunity, and to do it for the right reasons. As there are a plethora of distractions in life, I always strive to be motivated by the Atonement, as I do so I experience the blessings of spiritual gifts and the spirit itself that comes with it and the simple tranquility it brings. 

As we know there is always much more on our to do list than our done list, but I love the opening prayer given in the second Sunday session, "let us close the gap on what we feel and know and what we are and becoming and enjoy til the end", later announced in a talk, "we are not perfect, but we need to be good a getting better". Love you all and appreciate you support and encouragement.


Elder Lunt

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