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Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 49

Dear family and friends,
It has been a good week, I wish I had time to write all the miracles and blessings. We have had the opportunity to teach many ********( they can be killed if their government finds out), Indians, and of course Armenians. Armenians are amazing people and very humble, however the people from **** we have taught, are so elect and humble, it reminds me of humility and meekness the scriptures described like unto a child.  Four of them will be baptized this Monday and Thursday. We have also had the opportunity to teach many of people from India, and they are just as elect and amazing. They are all just happy people, it is always an uplifting--spirit filled experience around them. We have been trying to find investigators that are elect, we have a lot of Armenian investigators, but only one or two of them are elect and ready.

The mission is doing great, we continue to improve in almost every single aspect of the work, and the missionaries from our end of things seem happy! We have been following up with the zone leaders on planning and they have had some great things to say. In short, things are changing in their work, zones and districts. 

Our companionship has been different from all the others I have been apart of so far. Its been hard. It just started out different not in a good or bad way. Just different, its hard to explain. We have open communication and we are aware of the problems we have with unity especially teaching in Armenian lessons. I love Elder Cornett but I do not feel close to him at all, and I don't know if that is good or bad, and we have talked about all of this openly and his many concerns.  It has been hard not getting the same joy and happiness from lessons like I use to...Because I do not feel the spirit very often (mostly in Armenian lessons). We have talked about it and there is just something missing. We are not really sure what to do, but we will figure it out.

I am doing good its but its been hard with all the stuff going on. The area is on fire and the work is going great, we are working hard and have been blessed. I just try to stay focused and I am getting through it with prayer and fasting. Things will work out, I just have to remember this is all part of the journey and just enjoy it, smell the roses. I love you guys and enjoy hearing from you.  I love my mission but i miss you guys especially right now. I wish you all knew... everything that has happened and has changed. It's hard not being able to share these good and hard times with you but I will do my best to keep up to date on my journal so I can share some of the experience later.

P.S. May 10th is skype day. We have one hour.I will let you know what time would be good next week. I would like to have one feed going so that I can see you faces, I would like crystal and jeff to come for the last 20 minutes as well. And be thinking of some questions you want me to answer. Hope that's not to much! Love you guys and I miss you all very much.

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