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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 25

Hey everyone.
Sorry for not writing the last week. Its been a tough week due to a close cousin/ friend passing away in America. I already told many of my close relatives that sometimes its hard to focus in the down time of things which in my area isn't a lot thank goodness, when things back home are not going so well. I have spent a lot of time fasting and praying about my cousin.  I have always had faith in the plan of salvation but I never really studied it or knew it for myself. I have a big testimony of prayer. And this testimony is why I am out here. I am grateful for this and have been praying so much for my cousin to know if he is really happy and what he is doing. There have been a few other things that are going on at home that I wont share due to their privacy but I could use the prayers right now. Email is getting old, I cant really share even  a fraction of what's going on through email due to time and how un-personal it is. Its getting pretty lonely sometimes here, being an hour away from everyone and my comp is just a quiet guy, getting better but still really quiet.  But I am good just thinking of the core reasons why I am here and trying to get in as many lessons as I can. Because that is the only time I am happy and have Joy, not fun always but joy. I feel so good during lessons and once we just get out of the house and into lessons, or talk to people on the streets. Anyways i'm good, love you all and miss ya.

Elder Lunt

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